The fury of Hunapú the Water Volcano, the destruction of Ciudad Vieja


When Beatriz de la Cueva was the Governor in 1541, a mudslide destroyed the beautiful city of Ciudad Vieja. This was caused by the Water Volcano, best known as Volcan de Agua. At that time, its original named was Hunapú. The volcano was named by the kaqchikel people and the meaning was “place of flowers”.

The legend tells that Spanish people were happy by the rain, while the mayan people were forced to work under the bad weather. During five days the rain didn´t stop. The old natives announced that the rain was caused by the fury of Hunapú, who was mad seeing the bad treat to its people. With prophetic words they told that one punishment would come to the governor and her assistants.

On September 11 at 3am, mud, water and rocks descended from the volcano, destroying everything at its way.

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