Iglesia Del Carmen


Antigua Guatemala has many historic buildings that were damaged by earthquakes. One of these places is Iglesia del Carmen.

This church is located on 3rd Avenue North, between 2nd and 3rd street . The City Council authorized its construction in 1638, under the patronage of the Order of Our Lady of Carmen.

However, in 1651 the building was damaged by an earthquake. In 1686 was a built a new church, which also suffered the consequences of an earthquake in 1717. It was built again in 1728, with details that can be seen today.

Unlike other churches, no images were included in its facade. The columns were carved with fine decorations and patterns that mimic leaves, flowers and branches. Unfortunately the earthquakes of 1773 and 1976 caused the destruction of the building.

Currently you will find the ruins of the church surrounded by multiple crafts. A perfect combination of color for this impressive building!

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