Holly Week at Antigua Guatemala

Holly Week Antigua Guatemala.

Processions from Antigua Guatemala are different from Guatemala City. There is a mystical touch with the colonial style, the landscape, the volcanoes and Antigua itself. Even the way how to decorate the processions is different. The decorations aren’t too elaborated or have too much details, but they are artistical.

Before the processional activity, people called “incesarios” fill the air with the sweet smell of white incense, which increases the mysticism with the Nazarene Procession, who is also accompanied by the image of Our Lady of Sorrows and the images of Maria Magdalena and San Juan.

For many people, the processions have a great meaning in their lives and their religion, which is why Antigua Guatemala is so popular for this time of the year, many people visit the place and participate in this tradition that is done every year.

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