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Doña Leonor

Daughter of Don Pedro de Alvarado and Doña Luisa (tlaxcalteca origin), Doña Leonor de Alvarado was born on March 22, 1524 was the first woman mestizo born in Guatemala. In the newly founded city of Santiago de los Caballeros, named by Fray Juan Godinez as it was called Utatlán (in Quiche “instead of the gray with age”).

Doña Leonor is to be interpreted historically through others, since the importance of women in those days depended on the virtue of the families in which they were born or married. However, never underestimate the role she played during the time of turmoil and conquest of Guatemala. Not only she maintained her family “together”, but she also often helped make fundamental decisions of the State or in business.

Doña Luisa and her daughter Doña Leonor de Alvarado constantly accompanied Don Pedro in his conquest of Guatemala and Central America.

In 1527, on a return trip to Spain to ensure his conquest, Captain Don Pedro de Alvarado, married Francisca de la Cueva, daughter of a powerful noble family of Castile. Doña Francisca did not last long in the Americas. On his return Don Pedro married her sister Dona Beatriz de la Cueva, who became Governor.

To ensure a family relationship, Dona Leonor was married to Pedro de Portocarrero, and fellow conquistador Pedro de Alvarado, whom he accompanied during the conquest of Mexico and Guatemala, participating in many battles against the Indians.

In 1524, Pedro de Portocarrero, was appointed councilor council and served as mayor of the original Capitol. In 1526 he led the war against the peoples of Sacatepéquez and in 1527 conquered the province of Chiapas and founded the city of Comitan. In 1539 Don Pedro Portocarrero dies, leaving Dona Leonor, widow with just 15 years, and the heir to a large fortune, with no descendants. After the death of Don Pedro, Doña Beatriz arrived in Guatemala.

Don Francisco de la Cueva, a cousin of the Duke of Alburquerque, requested by the Bishop Francisco Marroquín, to marry him to Doña Leonor, and thus consolidated its rich heiress of her late husband and father. Doña Leonor has six children with him.

The “Palacio Dona Leonor” and adjacent buildings were originally Leonor de Alvarado House of the Cave. He came to function as a center of commerce and government (on the first floor).

Don Francisco de La Cueva, alternately served as governor, mayor and businessman, because of his relative inexperience and naivete, most of the business was left to his wife with more experience.

Don Francisco died in late 1576 and survived until 1583 Doña Leonor. In her will, in the September 13, 1583 before the notary (Hidalgo), Doña Leonor expressed his desire to be buried next to her father and husband, in the chapel of the Central Cathedral.

As Don Pedro de Alvarado was known for his physical prowess and military leaders, his daughter Doña Leonor, inherited his inner strength and determination. In the meticulous restoration of the “Palace” became a testimonial tribute to this remarkable woman.

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