San Bartolo Procession

Yesterday was held the procession of San Bartolo that lasts all day and all night in Antigua Guatemala. Thousands come to Antigua to see this famous procession. It’s one of the largest in the place. This beautiful image has captivated thousands of people from Antigua Guatemala and elsewhere in the country. It is amazing the number of people who walk in the cobbled streets of the colonial city just to accompany the famous image of The “Nazareno de la Caída”. When the procession arrives at the Central Park, half block from Hotel Palacio Dona Leonor, the Bishop is blesses the image with a prayer and the musicians harmonize the place with his music and songs. Going to Antigua Guatemala for this dates is quite an experience.

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Holly Week at Antigua Guatemala

Processions from Antigua Guatemala are different from Guatemala City. There is a mystical touch with the colonial style, the landscape, the volcanoes and Antigua itself. Even the way how to decorate the processions is different. The decorations aren’t too elaborated or have too much details, but they are artistical.

Before the processional activity, people called “incesarios” fill the air with the sweet smell of white incense, which increases the mysticism with the Nazarene Procession, who is also accompanied by the image of Our Lady of Sorrows and the images of Maria Magdalena and San Juan.

For many people, the processions have a great meaning in their lives and their religion, which is why Antigua Guatemala is so popular for this time of the year, many people visit the place and participate in this tradition that is done every year.

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Santiago de Guatemala in the Panchoy Valley

In 1542, the Audiencia de los Confines of the General Captaincy of Guatemala was established in the City of Santiago de Guatemala, as its capital. In 1543, the first council meeting was held in the Panchoy Valley. The first land lots were assigned for the old destroyed city survivors, designing the city for some 5,000 inhabitants; the main families were settled in the city’s downtown and consecutively other pieces of land were provided for other Spanish and people of mixed races families to build their homes; As time went by the city grew and became a commercial, cultural, political and religious center for Central America for more than two centuries ( at that time Central America was formed by Chiapas, part of Yucatan, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica).

The city became so important in the New World that on June 10th, King Phillip II granted it the title of ” The Very Noble, and Very Loyal City of Santiago de los Caballeros of Guatemala”. But also, for more than two centuries it was lashed by several schisms that destroyed various monuments, which were constantly rebuild and enriched with new baroque styles from the XVII century and in some cases the renaissance original style was maintained.

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