Biography of Pedro de Alvarado


Pedro de Alvarado was born in Spain in 1485. He participated in the conquest of Cuba, Mexico and Central America. He was called “Tonatiuh” or Sun God by the Aztecs because of his blonde hair, white skin and blue eyes. He had a strong personality and was known for his violence during the battles.

He married twice, first to a Spanish noblewoman called Francisca de la Cueva, who was related to the Duke of Albuquerque and later when she died, he married with her sister, Beatriz de la Cueva. Don Pedro de Alvarado also had a native companion, Doña Luisa Xicotencatl. She was given to him by Hernán Cortés and she followed him on most of his travels.

After the Conquest of Guatemala, he became the governor of the region until his death in 1541, while he was in an expedition in Mexico.

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