Churches in Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala is like traveling to the past. The buildings in the city have more than 500 years. You´ll notice their perfect decoration, a reflection of European style from the colonial times. While you walk, you can notice religious buildings between short distances from one another.

Many of these buildings had been damaged because of the seismic activity of the region. However, you can still visit them and appreciate their design. There are chapels, churches, oratorios and a cathedral. All of them were created for different purposes.
The chapels were built for special meetings among members of an order o congregation, not for public access. The oratorios were used to have a special place to pray. And the Cathedral is the main church that brings together administrative functions for the churches in Antigua Guatemala.

Some of the well-knowl religious buildings in Antigua you should visit and explore are: Sant Francisco convent and church, nuestra señora de Belén convent, church and convent of La companía de Jesus, etc.

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