Handicrafts in Antigua Guatemala

While you walk through the city of Antigua Guatemala, you´ll notice a variety of typical handicrafts made by local people. You can find objects made with jade, clay, wood, silver, gold, rocks and colorful fabric.

There are some specialized stores, informal markets and street sellers that sell these handicrafts at different prices, so you can choose what it´s better for you.

Some of the most common objects that represent Antigua, are the ones made with clay. There are decorative tiles, dishes, owls, fruits and vegetables, money boxes, butterflies and birds made with this material. The techniques used to make these handicrafts are from the XVI century.

During your next trip to our hotel enjoy the beauty of handicrafts made in Antigua!

Traditional candies in Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala  is famous for the traditional candies made in the city. These delicious sweets offer a different flavor for each season of the year. The taste, color and texture of each candy it’s a delightful experience for any tourist. They are the result of a mixture of native preference with the Spanish one.

While you walk through the city, you´ll find different stores specialized in traditional candies. The most famous candies are the cocadas, sweet potatoes, marzipan, coconut candy, and others. Each kind of sweet is different and unique. They are famous because their delicious flavor and history. Over time, the recipes were passed around.  The traditional candy is made from sugar, fruit, milk and honey. Specialists believe these candies reflect the heritage of the Region from the XVI century.

During your next trip to Antigua Guatemala remember to taste any of this traditional candy!

Death of Pedro de Alvarado, impact in the city

In 1541 Pedro de Alvarado died in Mexico. This new traveled to the kingdom of Guatemala causing sadness between the Spanish people. His old companions in battle remember him with pain and started wondering about the future of the colony. In the contrary, native people cherish hope of a best future.

Pedro de Alvarado´s family cried his death, standing out his wife Doña Beatriz. She gave the order to paint the house in black and cried for days, she even isolated in her house without eating or sleeping.

Nature joined to the sadness of the city when started raining. Under this rain, the city council gathered to deliberate the government of the kingdom.

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