Reconstruction of a centenary city: Antigua Guatemala

Buildings in Antigua Guatemala are beautiful examples of the colonial architecture. They keep the rich of history inside their walls. However, by pass of time they suffered the consequences of natural phenomenon and most of them got damaged. This increased the desire of people to rebuild them.

There are some documents wrote by foreign and religious people who visited the city in the years of 1800 and 1841 in which they describe a city in bad state. It was until 1850 and 1855 when some buildings got rebuild. Some examples are the Palace of the General Captains and the Cathedral.

¡Admire these beautiful and historical buildings during your next visit to Antigua Guatemala!

Antigua Guatemala, Human Patrimony

Nowadays, Antigua Guatemala is one of the principal tourist places of Guatemala, even if in the past was an abandoned city to create another capital. This happened because some people returned and gave it life during the pass of years.

Its colonial architecture makes it a jewel for the urbanism and architecture. This is a city where time has stop. Each building tells a different story and most of the old traditions are still alive.

In 1979 the city of Antigua Guatemala was declared by UNESCO as a “Human Patrimony”.

If you´re looking to learn more about history and meet the greatness of this country, this is a city you have to visit!

Antigua Guatemala, after the earthquake

People living in Antigua Guatemala were ordered to leave the city in 1773, however not everyone wanted to do it. Poor people stayed, while wealthy families and church institutions went to the new valley.

People who stayed used the ruins of churches and convents as their homes or places of business. One example was the convent of the Compañía de Jesús, which was the municipal market place until 1976.

Years passed and people made their best to resist the situation, rebuilding their homes and trying to preserve their customs.  Antigua grew slowly through the 19th century, during which period some restoration work was done on the cathedral. But it was not until the mid-20th century that the historic and architectural value of the colonial buildings and ruins began to be appreciated.

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